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Hello We are Raúl & Chris

We are a high school sweetheart, of those that there are few, love, affection and dedication, has accompanied us all these years, contributing to our work a great ambition to learn and advance.

About us.

Sharing home and work together has made us a great team, we support each other, and at the same time, we are our biggest critic.  Being able to go together to do what we like most has become a rewarding experience, which is why over time, we have become more selective with what we do.

Throughout these 10 years of experience in the wedding sector, life has given us sweets and coal, like any other life, it has its good and bad moments, luckily those moments, like covid, led us to reflect on of how we conceived our work, and brought us to a final point. Do we want to live to work or work to live? In 2020 our most difficult decision was to take a risk, close our physical store, put aside communions, babies... and focus only on weddings.  This has allowed us to focus on what we like most and have time for the family and the two little ones who now walk hand in hand with us along the way. For this reason, our videos, apart from giving you everything already mentioned, have a very human and emotional part, which without it, would not be SANCTUS.





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